U.K. Transport and General Workers Union Votes to Support Boycott of Israeli Goods



[Hat tip to Engage] 

Workers Liberty (UK) reports on the Israel boycott: The Biennial Delegate Conference of the TGWU section of Unite voted on Wednesday 4 July to support a “boycott of Israeli products and goods”. 

Workers’ Liberty members delegated to the conference had argued against the boycott as a token and in fact counterproductive form of action, for reasons explained elsewhere on this website. But the boycott campaign is now plainly “on a roll”, with victories (in various forms) at the NUJ (journalists), UCU (lecturers), Unison (public service workers), and TGWU conferences this year.

Haim Bior writes in Haaretz:

The TGWU is the second British union to call for a boycott on Israel this year – last month the British public services union UNISON also urged its members to refrain from purchasing Israeli products, basing the call on Israel’s “criminal behavior in the territories,” and Israel’s responsibility for the Second Lebanon War.

In the last six months, Ontario, Canada’s public services union also proposed a similar anti-Israel boycott, as did several professional unions in South Africa. In addition, Britain’s University and College Union called upon its members earlier this year to consider an academic boycott of Israel, which would include holding funding from research projects run by Israeli professors and preventing Israeli lecturers from participating in seminars.

Histadrut International activities director Avital Shapira said Sunday afternoon that the Histadrut labor federation views the TGWU’s boycott call with severity. According to Shapira, the Histadrut has decided not to cooperate with these unions. “They expect us to help them with everything surrounding joint activities with Palestinian unions, but in light of their behavior toward us, we will hold these activities without them.”

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  1. Did I miss the stories of TGWU calling for a boycott of U.S. goods when it invaded Iraq (most recently) or of China’s goods in light of its (most recent) labor attrocities perpetrated against its own comrades? No, because there weren’t any. What a disgusting double standard in the name of solidarity. This is a shameful moment for organized labor.

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