YouTube Debate: Analysis and Punditry


The Moderate Voice provides good coverage of the recent Democratic Party debate held by CNN and YouTube. Joe Gandelman asks if the questions provided by YouTubers upstaged the candidates:

So now The New Era in American political debates is finally here.Or IS IT?

Not only did the “new media” You Tube participate in last night’s Democratic presidential hopefuls’ debate, but some pundits said the questions from You Tubers were for the most part knowledgeable and to the point.

Would some media types who may have felt debates were a plum for star journalists start feeling as seemingly resentful as some journalists do about anyone-can-publish weblogs these days? By some accounts, many of the You Tube questions were blunt and solid ones.

Of course, then there were the talking snowmen.

But since political debates usually feature snow jobs, what was new about that?

Some press reaction to the debate and You Tube’s role in it…

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For other perspectives see The Guardian and Rightwing Nuthouse.

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