A Lexicon for Our Times and the Left-Right Convergence


[A couple of items from the always excellent Bob from Brockley]

A Lexicon for Our Times

1. Rococco Left
Rococo Left is a term coined* by Noga of Contentious Centrist to talk about what has also been referred to as the “Indecent Left”, the part of the far left that allies itself with far right forces abroad like Ba’athism and Islamism, while converging with the far right in the West in basing its analysis on anti-american and often anti-semitic conspiracy theories, instead of an ethical concern with social justice or a materialist critique of global injustice.

Rococco Left is a good term – for those of you who don’t know what Rococo means, the first image google throws up is this one of a cock and balls, which is pretty apt – basically it’s overblown, decorative, baroque. The word comes from the French rocaille, or shell, and the Italian barocco, or Baroque. The Rococco Left, like a decorative shell, is empty of substance, full of bombast, devoting time to the pointless frills and forgetting the important core.

*Comment no.10 here. Correction: actually by his friend – see comment!

2. Arrested Radicalization
This is a term which Jogo drew my attention to, used on the 9/11 Cult Watch page I linked to. I think the term was coined by Chuck Munson of Infoshop. As Jogo puts it, “the term describes an intellectual process that has not been carried far enough, and that merely mimes true radicalism.” A useful term!

See also: De-bunking the 9/11 movement; Chuck Munson on the sad decline of Indymedia.

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Also of interest:
Left-right convergence and reactionary anti-capitalism

Rob Augman at ZNet on anti-G8 mobilisation [via 3wf]

Contemporary social conflicts, a widespread sense of alienation, deep feelings of powerlessness, and the increasing intensity of violent conflict sets off a whole host of resentments and oppositions to the global situation that are not emancipatory. Many people who are deeply dissatisfied with the global political and economic order do not gravitate towards progressive or social justice organizations. The rise of racist, nationalist, fundamentalist and other forms of reactionary politics emerge as responses to the global situation as well, and they compete for power and influence on the same social terrain of those on the Left. These are present in the discourses, policies and politics in struggles around globalization/anti-globalization as well, and were therefore are present in the mobilization against the G8 this year.


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