Movie Post: No End in Sight


[Hat tip to Gene at the regularly rowdy Harry’s Place]

See “No End in Sight”

I don’t know if the documentary film “No End in Sight” is being shown outside of a handful of theatres in the US. But if you can find it, by all means go see it. Or at least get it when it comes out on DVD.

The first thing to say about “No End in Sight” is that– unlike a number of other recent documentaries about Iraq– it’s not an antiwar film. There are no scenes of Iraqi children happily flying kites in the golden era before the US invasion, nor are there clips of Noam Chomsky droning about neo-imperialism. Neither is the documentary in any sense a pro-war film, although there are scenes of Iraqis happily greeting US soldiers during the invasion.

Rather it is a devastating look at what went wrong after the invasion, and why.

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