Is Castro Dead?


[Hat tip to CubaPOLIDATA]

Rumor Strengthens over the Supposed Death of Fidel Castro

Servicios de Clave Digital reports:

A heavy silence prevails in Havana over the insistent rumor that the octogenarian Fidel Castro has died, while dozens of communication mediums — especially television — await for an official response from the capital about the rumor circulating since yesterday throughout the world.

The most recent information is from the Chilean digital newspaper El Amaule which asserts that within hours, these rumors have gained strength. Affirming that the deterioration of Castro’s health is evident since he did not participate in his birthday celebrations a few days ago.

According to information revealed by Alina Fernandez, Castro’s rebel daughter, the rumor of the Cuban leader has been institutionalized. “It has been a little over a year that the Cuban Government informed over Castro’s grave state of health forcing his brother Raúl, to interimly take control of Cuba.”

The following news mediums have reported about this issue: La Prensa from Panamá, La Crónica de Hoy y El Universal from Venezuela, Ansa Latina, Unión Radio, El Diario de Chihuahua, Terra Chile,, City FM Radio; Paz Digital, among others.

Terra reports these rumors increased as a result of comments made by Cuban Vice-President Carlos Lage in the television program of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez, which were interpreted as the health of the Cuban leader had worsened.

El Diario de Chihuahua, assures that its sources in Havana reveal the state of Castro’s health is in its terminal phase and that his death is a real possibility.

(H/T: La Nueva Cuba)

While Castro acolyte — Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez — denies the rumor, saying Fidel Castro is “writing, and producing.”


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