Visual Arts: Richard Serra Sculpture, 40 Years


I’ve been wanting to see the Richard Serra exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art for about a month. Serra works with a variety of materials including rubber, lead, neon and steel. Over time, Serra began to focus on large-scale pieces “that demand to be experienced over time, including site-specific works created for particular architectural, urban or landscape settings.”


[Photograph by The New Centrist]

There’s something about huge art. I was intrigued by Alexander Calder’s (1898-1976) large mobiles and stabiles as a child and developed an appreciation for the large clay and bronze stacks and huge metal pieces of Peter Voulkos (1924-2002) in my 20s. My wife recently turned me on to Serra’s work and seeing it in person is absolutely breathtaking.


[Photograph by The New Centrist]


[Photograph by The New Centrist]

Shhhhh. You aren’t supposed to take pictures in this part of the exhibition. At least I didn’t use the flash…


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