Bernie Sanders: FOX News Wants to Attack Iran


Self-described socialist senator Bernie Sanders (D, VT) is a confused individual. In a recent article he blames FOX News, not Iranian policies, for driving the U.S. towards war with Iran.

“Fox Attacks: Iran” is a bold effort to provide Americans with a different view of our policy toward Iran than the one Fox News keeps pushing on us. While Fox beats the drums for war, Robert Greenwald has produced documentary evidence that unmasks the ‘coverage’ for what it is: propaganda to get Americans ready for a Bush administration attack on yet another Middle Eastern nation. Robert has done something remarkable. He has used his extraordinary media skills to make a short video – only three minutes – to educate the American people, using the Internet as a way to connect us.

Click on the link just to read the responses of the moonbats.

To review, Greenwald and Sanders ignore that Iran recently took British sailors hostage and that three American academics remain in jail in that country. Neither addresses the seriousness of Iran’s nuclear program, threats against Israel or Iran’s support of terrorist organizations–including Hezbollah–in the Middle East. Instead we are treated to Greenwald’s ham-handed, cut-and-paste pastiche without any sort of context. While this is certain to appeal to his target audience I wonder how much this “documentary” will resonate with the broader American public?


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