Thanks (Again!) to Fellow Bloggers


Thanks to fellow bloggers for linking to The New Centrist.

The Contentious Centrist on the controversy over pseudo-anthropologist Nadia Abu el-Haj. She also covers the Armenian Genocide and provides an excellent definition of centrism:

Centrism, as I see it, does not mean straddling a fence in an attempt to appease and please both sides of it. Centrism means that one has liberated herself from any allegiance to either thesis or anti-thesis. Centrism means independent thinking relying on moral clarity and principled support for universal human rights, verifiable history and truth.

Don’t Trip Up on the uses and misuses of liberalism.

Shagya Blog on Eric Blair aka George Orwell.

Bob From Brockley on the Armenian Genocide.

ModernityBlog on The New Statesman.

The Kvetcher added me to his blogroll. linked to “Hyderabad, India: Terrorist Attack Leaves 40 Dead.” Click “From the Blogs.”

Ron Paul and the Paulistas, Part II,” had the kooks from coming out of the woodwork. I expected some increased traffic but Paul’s minions live on the Internet so the hits went through the roof. You can read their replies here.

Thanks to all. Well, almost all…

Shabbat shalom and have a great weekend.

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  1. New Centrist: Thanks for the endorsement. Let me tell you that I apply this principle with almost clinical detachment but I get a lot grief for it. I think most people prefer to be indulged in their emotions and half-chewed notions of what justice and human rights mean. If they feel it, it must be the correct feeling.

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