GWOT Roundup: 09.02.07



The New York Post: Enter the Eurohawks
Europe’s leaders sound surprisingly hawkish these days, and that’s nothing but good news for the Iraq-War-strained Atlantic alliance. Consider maverick French President Nicholas Sarkozy, who in a speech to French diplomats last week raised the prospect of military action against Iran. To be sure, he mentioned it as part of a larger point about the importance of continued diplomacy. But his meaning was unmistakable. If diplomacy fails, he said, the world will face a “catastrophic” decision: “the Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran.” Sarkozy also warmly reaffirmed France’s friendship with America, something his predecessor rarely had time for.


The Washington Times: Arming Against Iran
The best argument for the necessity of American victory in Iraq was made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Aug. 28 when he declared his regime was “prepared to fill the gap” if U.S. forces withdrew. To give meaning to Tehran’s claim, the Iranian-backed Mahdi Army of Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr appeared poised to take control of the key Iraqi city of Basra in the wake of a British pullback. And attacks by the Mahdists on rival Shi’ite groups in Karbala took more than 50 lives during a major religious festival. Sheik al-Sadr plans to strengthen his militia over the next six months to prepare for the end of the U.S. surge.


New Rifles for U.S. Armed Forces
This is a the new KAC Stoner Rifle SR-25 . For full specs and other info have a look here.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division and Accuracy International (U.K.) announce a new .50 caliber sniper rifle for the Navy SEALS that is much lighter than previous versions and is able to be disassembled in under three minutes. It’s also incredibly accurate, “within 1.5 inches per every 100 yards of distance.”



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