On the Mall with ANSWER and Friends


[Hat tip to Kesher Talk]

Scenes from the protests today, courtesy of the WaPo, which is estimating about 7000 attendees by 3 PM.

As a man walked by carrying a sign saying “9-11 Truth Now” a man on the corner asked, “I’m just wondering, what is the truth about 9-11?”

“We haven’t been told the truth,” the sign-man said. “That’s the point.”

The onlooker wasn’t satisfied. “But what is the truth we haven’t been told?” he asked again.

“That’s it,” came the reply. “We don’t know because they won’t tell us.”

At 15th St. and New York Ave. a band of plaid-wearing demonstrators, most of them with bandanas over their faces, held an impromptu meeting to plan their confrontation with D.C. police.

“Is it OK with you guys if I go over to the cops and tell them we’re going to cross the street?” one demonstrator asked his collegues.

Winning their assent, the young man approached a D.C. officer and said, “Are you guys going to slam and beat us if we cross the street?”

“Why don’t you just cross with the light, then we don’t have to bring in officers to block traffic,” said Officer S. Weinfeld.

The demonstrator, foiled in his hope for a confrontation, said “Umm…ok,” returned to his friends and walked them uneventfully across 15th St.

Non-sequitor of the day:

Malik Rahim, founder of Common Ground Collective, a hurricane-relief group in New Orleans, said: “In 1963 on this day, Sept. 15, was the Birmingham bombing. Four little girls in a house of worship were tragically killed. It’s time for the people of this nation to take it back. Tell those who caused this heartache and injustice, ‘No more. Let’s stand for peace.'”

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