Ben Gidley: Social theory, the left, and terror


[Hat tip to Bob from Brockley]

The new issue of Street Signs [pdf], the magazine of the Centre for Urban and Community Research at Goldsmiths College, is out. Have a look at Ben Gidley’s “Chicken’s coming home to roost: Social theory, the left, and terror,” on page 27.

Here is the first paragraph:

When the September 11 attacks on New York happened, I was in my office in the Laurie Grove Baths at CUCR, trying to finish a report that was overdue. A colleague, Garry Robson, came into my office to tell me what was happening. It seemed unreal and my first thought, of which I am now ashamed, was that this was a distraction I didn’t need. I went downstairs to the communal office where people were standing around the radio listening to events unfold, then after a while returned to my office to try to finish off the report. It was only when I arrived home and started to watch the images on television that it began to feel more real. And then it began to feel painfully real when I spoke on the telephone to my mother – a New Yorker transplanted to Yorkshire.


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