Kamm on Guevara


[Hat tip to Oliver Kamm]

I debated the political legacy of Che Guevara again today, this time with Eamonn McCann. It was for a weekly politics programme for BBC Northern Ireland called Hearts and Minds; so if you’re in the province you can watch at some deathly hour this evening on BBC1 (and then it will be on the programme’s website, I think). McCann is often termed a veteran socialist, and was so described in the introduction to our discussion. I regret not having audibly gagged. “Veteran socialist” is what you would say about Michael Foot, or would have said about the late Gerry Fitt. McCann is an affable soul, but his politics are those of the Socialist Workers’ Party, which – I understate and euphemise – holds to a different view of constitutionalism from that of the politicians I’ve mentioned.

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The Economist has a short piece on Che as political icon and here is Paul Berman’s article on Che from a while back.


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