Afghan government officials participate in a strategic workshop at the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (Peru)


This is a bit dated (from August):

A high-level delegation from the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan visited the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD) headquarters in Lima to participate in a three-day strategic workshop with ILD staff. The delegation was headed by the Minister of Urban Development, Mohammad Yousaf Pashtun, and included the Director of General Budget from the Ministry of Finance, Mohammad Mustafa Mastoor; the Director of Government Properties from the Ministry of Agriculture, Iqbal Yousafi; and the Advisor of the ANDS (Afghanistan National Development Strategy), Mahmoud Saikal. The visitors were personally greeted by ILD President Hernando de Soto.

The purpose of the workshop was to share and discuss ideas about the challenges and opportunities of introducing institutional reforms in a country like Afghanistan, especially when such changes are rooted in widespread social practices that can become a powerful tool for improving governance. The sessions included the review of the ILD experience in helping governments design and implement institutional reforms that legally empower the poor majorities of developing countries, helping them to undertake a peaceful and effective transition to an inclusive market economy under a single rule of law.

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