Study Finds U.S. Primary and Secondary Teachers Lean Right


David Horowitz and other conservative critics of the U.S. public school system find a liberal bias in pedagogy and curricula from the primary and secondary levels to the university. In the case of higher education, I think the evidence is on their side (See Daniel Klein and Charlotta Stern, “Social Scientists and their Politics: the Policy Views of Social Scientists” in Critical Review (2005) Vol. 17, Nos. 3-4).

Yet in the case of educators in America’s primary and secondary schools, a recent study by Professor Robert Slater, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, finds these teachers more conservative compared to Americans with similar education levels. Here is a bit from The New York Sun:

Compared to non-teachers with college degrees, primary and secondary schoolteachers are more likely to oppose homosexuality and legalized abortion and less likely to support values such as free speech and economic equality…They are also much more likely to go to church.

You can read the full paper, “American Teachers: What do the Believe?,” in Education Next, a publication of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.

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