Ipsos MORI: Muslims are just like other Londoners


[Hat tip to Don’t Trip Up]

Stephen Farrington writes:

A new Ipsos MORI poll aims to shed light on the ‘real’ views of Muslims living in London. They find, unsurprisingly, that Muslims are just like Londoners:

New data from Ipsos MORI shows the views of London’s Muslims are similar to the views of Londoners on a variety of issues. Muslims and other Londoners share similar concerns and values on issues ranging from democracy to concern about crime, and freedom of speech to pride in the local neighbourhood. For example, around three-quarters of Muslims (74%), and a similar proportion of Londoners (70%), feel proud of their local neighbourhood, and around three quarters of both groups say they identify with London (79% of Muslims and 74% of Londoners).

A majority of Londoners embrace diversity in the capital — 69% of Londoners say that multiculturalism makes the capital a better place to live, and 75% consider it important to hold regular events to celebrate the capital’s diversity. As would perhaps be expected, London’s Muslims embrace this diversity even more openly (84% of Muslims think multiculturalism improves life in the capital, and 87% note the importance of events to celebrate multiculturalism).

The similarities between Muslim Londoners and Londoners are unsurprising. Most Muslims are like anyone else, and most share the views common to most people. Hence, it is futile to try and discuss Islamic extremism by talking simply about the ‘Muslim community’. Most of the Muslim community is just like the rest of Britain, it is the extremist element within it that must be tackled.

Extremists should be treated as individuals, and the reasons why they chose terrorism should be examined. Islam, like any religion, should not be treated as a homogeneous entity. It should be viewed as a multifaceted faith, and one where most members are as British as anyone else.

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  1. “Muslims are just like Londoners”

    I hope you will excuse the irreverant tone of my comment here, but this kind of sanctimonious opinion reminds me of one Seinfeld’s greatest episodes, the Yada-Yada episode:

    “Jerry: So you won’t believe what happened with Whatley today. It got back to hime that I made this little dentist joke and he got all offended. Those people can be so touchy.

    Kramer: Those people, listen to yourself.

    Jerry: What?

    Kramer: You think that dentists are so different from me and you? They came to this country just like everybody else, in search of a dream.

    Jerry: Kramer, he’s just a dentist.

    Kramer: Yeah, and you’re an anti-dentite.

    Jerry: I am not an anti-dentite!

    Kramer: You’re a rabid anti-dentite! Oh, it starts with a few jokes and some slurs. “Hey, denty!” Next thing you know you’re saying they should have their own schools.

    Jerry: They do have their own schools!

    Kramer: Yeah!”

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