Happy Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day


A lot of people dislike Thanksgiving. Some are upset that the holiday has lost its religious orientation, others find the holiday distasteful for, in their minds, celebrating genocide, others dislike turkey. But me, I always enjoyed Thanksgiving, especially as a child. It’s basically an excuse to get together with family and eat till you pass out. As I grew older and left home for college I always knew that I would return home for Thanksgiving.

When I left the west coast and got married, I started to prepare Thanksgiving meals in our new home. I always knew it was a lot of work but it takes a good portion of the day to bake pumpkin pie, cook a turkey, prepare the dressing, and the rest of the side dishes. My wife assists but she’s vegetarian so the turkey, gravy, etc. are my responsibility. We always invite over friends who are unable to make it home to be with family and that sort of thing, it’s a tradition in my family, my mom calls them “strays.” Last year we had close to ten strays, this year only one so it was nice and easy and plenty of leftovers. Nothing like a turkey sandwich the next day.

To all U.S. readers, Happy Thanksgiving!

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