Missing Kerala



[Samudra Beach, Kerala]

My wife’s family is from Tamil Nadu, India. We married in Chennai (aka Madras) and honeymooned in Kerala. Around this time of year, when it starts to get cold in NYC, I really miss the tropical weather, lush landscapes, and warm waters of the Arabian sea.


[Coconut Lagoon, Kerala]


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  1. Which part(s)? If you don’t mind sharing.

    I’ve been to Trivandrum, Kovalam Beach-Samudra Beach, Kottayam, and Cochin. We were trying to get back this winter but it didn’t work out for a variety of reasons.

  2. I never subscribe to comments feeds, for various good and bad reasons, so, rather insanely, I am going to reply 6 months on! I basically had a 2-week package holiday to Kovalam, which my partner had spent a month in around 1988: needless to say it had changed almost beyond recognition! In the middle of our time there, we spent nearly a week exploring – to Trivandrum by bus, a little time there, then to Kochi by train for a few day, and a slow route back via boats on the backwaters. Kochi is one of the most wonderful cities I’ve visited.

    Two of my favourite books are set in Kerala: Rushdie’s Moor’s Last Sigh and Roy’s God of Small Things. Cochin and the backwaters respectively brought them back into my mind.

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