GWOT: al-Quds Brigades Commander Killed


Here are various media reports regarding the successful targeting of Walid Obeidi, a high-level commander of the al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad who was “martyred” by the IDF today.

Jerusalem Post

He enlisted in the Islamic Jihad in the 1980s and was held personally responsible by Israel for a suicide attack in a southern Tel Aviv falafel stand in 2006 in which 11 people were killed. Obeidi was also an expert bombmaker and was involved in financing the terror group’s activities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. According to the army, he was also involved in planning a suicide attack in March 2006 that was thwarted when police caught the bomber as he was driving on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway.

Obeidi was killed in clashes with soldiers from the elite undercover Duvdevan Unit, who raided a home where he was hiding in the village of Kabatiya, near Jenin. IDF sources said that heavy exchanges of fire erupted between the soldiers and Islamic Jihad gunmen. Obeidi was killed and two of his bodyguards were wounded and arrested.

YNet News

Obeidi, 45, the father of three from the village of Birkin near Jenin, was appointed commander of the Jihad’s military wing following the killing of the organization’s leaders Louay Saadi of Tulkarem Hussein Jaradat of Jenin.


More on the elite IDF Duvdevan Unit here.

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