Sultan Knish: The 2008 Presidential Race Will be Run Against Political Correctness


[H/t to Sultan Knish. For the record, among Democratic candidates I prefer Clinton to Obama. In the Republican field I like Giuliani and McCain. For more interesting posts on Obama check out The Contentious Centrist.]


The 2008 Presidential race promises to be among the more grueling in American history because regardless of who wins either the Democratic or Republican primaries, there is little doubt that the Republican nominee will not be competing against simply a candidate but against political correctness itself.

Regardless of any myth that the race will be run on issues, the Republican candidate will actually be running against the “Historic Opportunity to Elect America’s First Black/Woman President”. Right now Obama and Hillary are busy sparring to see who wins the PC Olympics that are the Democratic primaries, whether gender will trump race or race will trump gender.

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  1. I can’t wait for the primaries to be over. Once each Party settles who it is they will be behind, we can get down to what they actually advocate and not all the nonsense we have been exposed to lately.

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