The Future of Counterinsurgency and More


[H/t to Contentions and Internet Haganah]

Max Boot at Contentions writes:

RAND has just come out with an important study of what the U.S. government needs to do to reorient itself for the challenges of waging a global counterinsurgency against Islamist radicals. (For a brief summary, click here.) The abstract lays out the problem succinctly:

“Iraq and Afghanistan have revealed serious shortfalls in the capabilities of the United States to counter insurgency in the Muslim world. Instead of relying predominantly on military occupation, the United States must become more able to bolster the ability of threatened states to win the contest for the support of their people.”

[read the entire article]

Selected RAND Corporation research and commentary on counterinsurgency here.


Not sure how I missed this item at Internet Haganah. Al Queda of Yemen recently released the first issue of their new magazine. You can view a pdf here. Check out the front cover.

You can also read about the conviction of Emadeddin Muntasser, Samir Almonla and Muhamed Mubayyid, three former officers of Care International, Inc.:

Evidence presented during the 24-day trial proved that the defendants fraudulently used Care International to solicit and obtain tax deductible donations for the purpose of supporting and promoting the mujahideen (Muslim holy warriors) and jihad (violent armed conflict). The evidence demonstrated that from in or about April 1993 to April 2003, MUNTASSER, ALMONLA, and MUBAYYID, concealed the fact that Care International was an outgrowth of and successor to the Al-Kifah Refugee Center (“Al-Kifah”) and was engaged in non-charitable activities involving the solicitation and expenditure of funds to support and promote the mujahideen and jihad from the IRS, FBI, and Immigration and Naturalization Service (now known as Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Further, the government proved that MUNTASSER, AL-MONLA, and MUBAYYID conspired to defraud the United States for the purpose of impeding, impairing, interfering, and obstructing the lawful functions of the Internal Revenue Service in the ascertainment, assessment, and determination of whether Care International qualified and should be designated as a charitable organization pursuant to 26 U.S.C. §501(c)(3) in 1993 and should continue to be accorded that status thereafter.

Read more at Counter-terrorism Blog.

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