Brian Latell on C-SPAN 2’s Book TV



Latell, a former Cuba analyst for the CIA, National Intelligence Officer for Latin America from 1990 to 1994 and a senior research associate at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies at the University of Miami discusses his recent book, After Fidel: The Inside Story of Cuba’s Regime and Cuba’s Next Leader. This event was part of the Raleigh International Spy Conference at the North Carolina Museum of History. The panel was titled: “Castro and Cuba: The Inside Story.” Powerful stuff and not to be missed. Click here to view.

The emphasis of this year’s conference is “CIA’s Unsolved Mysteries,” featuring the top experts in counterintelligence to discuss unresolved issues from the Cold War:

  • Pete Bagley, the former chief of CIA’s Soviet bloc counterintelligence division will defend his controversial new book on KGB defector Yuri Nosenko, with its mysterious connections to Lee Harvey Oswald and John F. Kennedy that kicked off 40 years of unresolved internal strife at CIA.
  • David Robarge, Chief Historian for CIA and expert on infamous counterintelligence chief James Angleton, will discuss the controversy created by the former chief of counterintelligence for the Agency by his obsessive hunt for a Soviet mole.
  • Brian Kelley, the wrong man in the Robert Hanssen spy case – and former counterintelligence officer for CIA, will use examples of defectors and double agents he uses as case models for courses he teaches to train espionage agents.
  • Jerry Schecter, former correspondent for Time magazine in Moscow during the Cold War, and respected expert and author of books on Cold War espionage, was on hand to witness for the press the important cases of defectors and double agents in the heat of the Cold War.
  • David Ignatius, former foreign editor – now columnist for the Washington Post – and author of espionage fiction, is respected in the “community” for his insights on the impact of defectors and double agents on the craft of espionage.

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