The conversations regarding “Tom Paines abroad but Edmund Burkes at Home” at Marko’s, Bob’s, and elsewhere have been generally stimulating, with some exceptions. I plan on posting something soon, perhaps from a more Burkean angle, in the next week or so.

In the meantime…added Z-Word (check out “Jewish Anti-Zionism Unraveled: Questioning Anti-Semitism Part I”) to my blogroll.

I was also deleting some old links on the left side of the page. Most of them are either defunct or have not been updated for an extremely extended period of time. I thought the website for the centrist, secular (some would say anti-religious), market-oriented, Shinui party in Israel would fall into the former category. The party fell apart back in 2006 and the link has been dead for months.

But when I clicked on it this morning they have a nice looking new site. Have a look (all in Hebrew). I’m not sure if they are running any candidates but it is an encouraging sign. Yair Lapid saw the resurgence of Shinui coming. You can read his March op-ed in Y-Net here. In other Israel and housekeeping related news, Kadima Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is upset about the Supreme Court ruling on hametz (unleavened bread) sales during Pesach.


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