Cinematic Orchestra at the Jazz Standard


The Cinematic Orchestra played last night. My wife and I had the opportunity to check them out last September at Webster Hall and it was a great show so I knew we’d want to check them again when they came back to town. Last night’s show was at the Jazz Standard which is a really nice club. The setting is much more intimate than Webster Hall and you can actually sit down at a table instead of standing the entire set. In our case the table was front and center less than a half a foot from the stage.

We arrived for the second set (9:30) and it was short but sweet. Some of the songs I remember are “Flite,” “All that You Give,” “Evolution,” “To Build a Home,” and “Breathe.” Everyone was great but drummer Luke Flowers and guitarist Stuart McCallum were the standouts that night. Here is a vid for “Flite”

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  1. Thanks for the great video and links – they brightened up my Friday morning. I’m ashamed to say that the Cinematic Orchestra weren’t on my radar before – but they certainly are now.

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