Your Black Muslim Bakery, Inc. Linked to Seven Murders (maybe more)


I’ve blogged about Your Black Muslim Bakery, Inc. (YBMB) in the past. YBMB was raided by the Oakland Police Department after a bakery employee confessed to murdering Chauncey Bailey, a journalist investigating the bakery for a variety of crimes. Bailey’s murder gave rise to the Chauncey Bailey Project.

The research of these investigative journalists has helped to reopen a 1986 Oakland homicide and a 1968 double-homicide case 350 miles down the coast in Santa Barbara. What is the Santa Barbara connection? It turns out that YBMB founder Yusuf Bey ran a bakery and mosque in Santa Barbara in the 1960s with his brother (then known as Billy X Stephens) and the victims were associated with both. This is at least the seventh murder that the Chauncey Bailey Project has connected to YBMB.

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  1. The fact that this group has been allowed to operate in the Bay, unfortunately says a lot about the political atmosphere of the region. A group that kills a black journalist over a story he wrote, and there isn’t protests demanding justice?

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