Democratiya 13 (Summer 2008)


Somewhat related to the post below, the current edition of Democratiya (13, Summer 2008 ) contains some articles revisiting May 1968. I have not had a chance to read it but here’s what you’ll find:

Editor’s Page

Letters to the Editor

Russell A. Berman
Dick Howard
Philip Spencer
Fred Siegel
Eric Chenoweth
Marko Attila Hoare
Neil Robinson
Jason Farago
Matthew Omolesky
Gabriel Noah Brahm Jr.
Carrie-Ann Biondi
Cathy Lowy
David Hirsh
Robert J. Lieber
Mark Gardner/Dave Rich
Donna Robinson Divine
Lyn Julius
Rayyan Al-Shawaf
David Zarnett
Michael Weiss
Carl Gershman
Lawrence J. Haas
Eric Lee
Kahn and Podhoretz

Interview with Matthias Küntzel / Jihad and Jew-Hatred

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