Truthers Call for “Fact Based” Investigation


Here in NYC, truthers are trying to gather 30,000 signatures in support of their ballot initiative calling for a “fact based” investigation of the terrorist events on September 11, 2001. The investigation will be conducted by an independent “citizens commission” of luminaries including resident Pacifica radio pseudo-scholar Ralph Schoenman, LaRouche affiliate Karen Kwiatkowski, and perennial fellow traveler Ed Asner.

Will they gather the necessary signatures to get the initiative on the November ballot? Probably not. But even if the initiative manages to pass, what next? What impact will this have on policy? Like citizens tribunals and other manifestations of the political fringe, none. But it will allow conspiracy peddlers like Schoneman and Kwiatkowski to bolster their reputations in the truther cult.

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  1. Speaking of Larouche, his influence even reaches Korea. I noticed that some of the protesters angry over American beef imports here have been using sources linked to the Larouche movement to back up their crazy claims.

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