Standpoint Magazine/Online


Just a nod of approval to the new Standpoint magazine and website. First Democratiya and now this. Why don’t we have similar projects in the U.S.?

In the “About Us” section:

Standpoint’s core mission is to celebrate our civilization, its arts and its values – in particular democracy, debate and freedom of speech – at a time when they are under threat. Standpoint aims to be an antidote to the parochialism of British political magazines and to introduce British readers to brilliant writers and thinkers from across the Atlantic, across the Channel and around the world.

In a market swamped by the journalistic equivalent of fast food, Standpoint hopes to offer the discerning reader a feast of great writing — properly edited and presented in an elegant design that makes even longer pieces a pleasure to read. Unashamedly highbrow in an era of relentless ‘dumbing down,’ it responds to the unfulfilled needs of the educated public.

Standpoint aims to provide an opportunity for a fresh, truly international cast of writers to explore the timely and the timeless. It will offer a guide for those perplexed by the 21st century and a running commentary for those who are happy to embrace it. In a world of rapid change, Standpoint is an indispensable resource and companion.

I wish them the best of luck in this endeavor.

Here is a small selection of what you’ll find:

Jonathan Bate. The wrong idea of a university.

Michael Burliegh. How to Defeat the Global Jihadists.

The Mole. The MOD: Unfit for Service.

Michael Young. Hariri: An Assassination too far.


The Democratiya link (above) has been fixed. I did not realize they recently changed from a .com to .org

If you’ve been clicking on the book review links from last month (Democratiya 13) they should work now.

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