This Blog is One Year Old


The first post on this blog was June 17, 2007. At that time I had no idea how long it would last. A few weeks? A few months? It was mainly an opportunity for me to express ideas unrelated to my academic work, my thoughts on news and current events.

Over time I attracted a nice collegial group of folks who provide comments and/or links to my blog (either in posts on on their blogrolls) including: Bob from Brockley, the Contentious Centrist, Democratiya Journal, Roland Dobbs, Marko Attila Hoare, Judith Apther Klinghoffer, Stephen Farrington, Modernity Blog, Snoopy the Goon, Sultan Knish, Martin in the Margins, DKMarc Shulman and Norman Geras (if I forgot you, my apologies! Post a comment and I will add you). You might notice a fairly diverse group of individuals listed. Some might even find their political perspectives at odds with each other. But what I appreciate about all of you is your unique approach, your individual quirks and eccentricities, in short, your humanity. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments and occasional constructive criticism. When I started I never thought this small semi-anonymous blog would receive the number of top-notch visitors that it has.

Another thing, prior to putting an Invisite link (thanks, Sultan) I didn’t know where my visitors were located. I also did not think any of my (non-blogger) friends were visiting. Now that I can spot the location of visitors, it looks some of my friends are checking the site out. Yes, I see you visiting from Brazil, Canada, Florida, Israel, California, Greece, and elsewhere. Nice to know you are checking the site out.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year:

Lebanon and Issue of Force in Democratic Societies

Thoughts on the Current Debate; A Perspective from the U.S.

Thoughts on Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War

Forgetting Orwell’s Lessons for the Left: Useful Idiots and Fellow Travelers in the 21st Century

Ron Paul and the Paulistas: Populism and the Paranoid Style in American Politcs

Does Anti-Imperialism Trump Anti-Authoritarianism?

Viva la Insurgencia? The Spanish Civil War and the Legacy of the Totalitarian International Brigades


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  1. Congratulations on a brilliant first year. I try to drop in on your blog every day and always find it educative and stimulating. Here’s to Year 2!

  2. Happy blogiversary, or whatever the right word is! Seems like I’ve known you for longer, but it has been a pleasure. It has been good to become part of a community of fairly like-thinking people, after feeling increasingly isolated. And it has been good to “meet” such a nice person!

  3. happy anniversary dude….

    I have gone through ur blog… its amaging… have look into my blog too…

  4. Happy blogoversary TNC, and re “Some might even find their political perspectives at odds with each other” – yeah, you can say that again. It will be my pleasure to take some of these folks out to the nearest wall when the revolution comes. And I am sure the feeling is mutual.

    On the other hand, I am linked to most of them, so… let’s not think about this for the moment.


  5. Bob, CC, Roland and Sultan, thanks!

    Martin, likewise. Your blog is always a joy to read, even if you support Obama (kidding). 😉

    Snoopy, I used to consider myself a “revolutionary” but not anymore. I am more than willing to shoot in self-defense but not ready to line people up and give them the ol’ “lead breakfast,” if you know what I mean.

    Thanks, Shiva. Are you Tamilian? My extended family is from Chennai and my wife and I were married in the Adyar neighborhood.

    Please keep visiting, commenting, and keeping me sane in the brain.

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