Sultan Knish: Books Obama may Write


[This post at Sultan Knish had me rolling and I wanted to share…]

As everyone knows Obama is more famous for his words than for his deeds, but while Obama may have borrowed his words from Reverend “God Damn America” Wright and Maya Angelou, he sure did a good job of arranging them into books which sold very well on college campuses.

So I’ve created some possible books Obama is likely to write in the near future.

Powerful and compelling, “Streams of Lies from My Father” explores Obama’s need to lie compulsively about everything while blaming it all on his father. You’ll laugh, you’ll thrill to Obama traveling through space, inventing the comma and pretending to be an oppressed black man in Chicago armed only with his Harvard degree and no sense of right and wrong.

Finally the real Obama. It’s a story of hope and change, crazed ambition and Oprah appearances. For the inner Hussein in all of us. NOW BOW BEFORE OBAMA.

[Hilarious. You have to read the whole post]

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