Israel and UNICEF help provide trauma counseling for Vietnamese children


[H/t to A.L. Above image from VietNamNet]

This article on the atrocities of the evil Zionist entity is from VietNamNet.

VietNamNet Bridge – A training course on psychological trauma counseling for children will be held in Hanoi from July 7-18 with the assistance from the Embassy of Israel and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The course is aimed at enhancing the capacity for Vietnamese officers who will then take responsibility to re-train community workers on providing counseling for vulnerable children.

Lecturers of the course are two Israeli psychologists who will provide trainees with basic knowledge about the issue, counseling principles and techniques.

In addition to theories, around 40 trainees from universities, research institutes and hospitals will join in a number of outdoor activities through which they will practise advanced techniques in providing psychological trauma counseling for children.

Now that’s a UN program even I can support and readers know what I think of the UN…


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