Sunday Miscellania


I hope you had a nice 4th of July. Things were pretty quiet around here. Did a little grilling, had some company over, kept it mellow. Thanks to Bob from Brockley for forwarding my post on anti-Semitism and the Radical Left to Engage. I want to welcome readers from Engage coming here for the first time (and return visitors, of course).

Here’s what I’ve been reading this weekend (the usual suspects and some others):

Bob from Brockley: Bob’s 4th of July Beats

But I am a Liberal!: Poland’s Strategic Interests and the Coalition of the Willing, Part 1 (Part 2 is available in the same post)

Contentious Centrist: On the Bulldozer Terror Attack in J’lem

Elder of Ziyon: Saudi newspaper fawns over bulldozer terrorist

Greater Surbiton: Is Islamophobia equivalent to racism or Anti-Semitism? The view from the Balkans.

Libertarian Defense Caucus: Libertarian Hawks Need to Step Up Now, More Than Ever Before

Martin in the Margins: Sharia we go again

Sultan Knish: There Can be No Peace With Terrorism and The Jerusalem Terrorist Attack and the Wages of the Left’s War on Israel’s Security

In the blogrolling department, I added the following:

Ben Nauro

Beer n’ Sandwiches


Freeborn John

A Second Hand Conjecture (sorry for lagging on the add!)

Shawarma Mayor

Gil Troy (Thanks, Professor Troy!)

If you link to my blog, please let me know. I find out about your links in a very haphazard manner. I’m sure there are readers who link here and I have no idea. Let me know what’s up! I’ll gladly reciprocate the listing unless you are just too far out and f-ed up.


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