Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev (זיכרונו לברכה)


[H/t Snoopy, Contentious Centrist, Elder of Ziyon, Noah Pollak, Solomonia and The Middle]

Snoopy (Simply Jews) writes:

By now it is over. The coffins handed over across the border today contain the two bodies they were supposed to contain. The two grieving families will get the closure of their two year long nightmare.

The decision to go ahead with this exchange, with almost total certainty that we’ll be paying the price of releasing a baby killer for two bodies, was not an easy one. I wouldn’t wish to be one of the people on whose shoulders the decision fell. But it is over and done with.

As for the question that will be debated for a long time: was the exchange worth it? – a lot of hot air and acrimony were already spent and will be spent in the future. Uncounted angles, including the future victims of the “surrender” to the blackmail, the loss of face, the new kidnappings awaiting and the damage to something called “national psyche“, whatever it means – all these and more will be thrown into the ring. Surprisingly or not, many of these angles are valid. All, or almost all of them, were part of the excruciating decision process.

There is, though, only one compelling cause. It is the cause of an IDF soldier – the grunt that goes to (and sometimes over) the border, doing his/her job as well as possible. Many of these soldiers leave their wives and children behind to do so, without fanfares and complaints. This is how it is and, unfortunately, this is how it will be for a long time in the future.

As an ex-soldier, I can safely say in the name of most of us that our unshakable belief that IDF and, indeed, the nation, will get us back from captivity, alive or dead, makes the service bearable. Without this belief IDF will not be what it is. The army that does not take care of its POWs is not worth serving in and the nation that forgets it sons is not worth fighting for.

Noah Pollak (Contentions):

As I write, the IDF is identifying what is presumed to be the bodies of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, while Samir Kuntar and four living members of Hezbollah await transfer to Lebanon, where they will receive a hero’s welcome. This is a horrible and dispiriting day. Israel will mourn, and Lebanon will rejoice — and part of the cause for that rejoicing will be precisely, and sickeningly, the very fact of Israeli grief.

It is worth remembering that a society which celebrates death will glorify the lives of murderers, and a society which celebrates life will mourn the deaths of its protectors. No matter how humiliating and painful it may be to offer up a child-murderer to a hero’s welcome, the occasion allows the world to take the measure of Lebanon, a country which perhaps some of us have indulged beyond what it deserves. Today this country is staging a celebration off the sorrow of a neighboring nation. This is a far darker day for Lebanon than it is for Israel.

The Middle (Jewlicious):

Notch a victory for Nasrallah who masterfully negotiated two dead men for Israel’s best asset to get Ron Arad back. He’s also proven his abilities at psychological warfare once again.

Notch a severe loss and mishandling of the situation to the Olmert government and coalition who proceeded with the lousy deal even after all the Israeli intelligence services maintained the Hizbullah report on Arad was a sham.


So what’s the point? Did Israel release Kuntar as a way of getting the horror of his crime once more into the media spotlight (success), in showing what kind of foe they’re up against, and the values of the societies that have made themselves their enemies? Anyone who cared already knew, or was receptive enough to the concept not to need any of this. Anyone who didn’t know was either ignorant (no crime there), closed and willing to excuse anything anyway and therefore receptive to nothing, or outright evil. In no sense is there a benefit to some sort of media burst highlighting Kuntar, Hizballah and Palestinian evil. Do they think they’re earning some chits at the UN? Ha!

Elder of Ziyon:

It can perhaps be expected that traditional murderer-worshippers like Hezbollah or Hamas would celebrate the release of such a murderer. But this is the entire government of Lebanon, which despite Hezbollah’s influence is still considered to be pro-Western by the West, celebrating; every major political leader falling over themselves for a photo-op with this damned pitiful excuse for a human being.

It isn’t just the terror organizations that embrace Samir Kuntar. It is the entire Arab world. Because anyone who kills Jews in Israel is, by definition, a hero to the Arabs across all political leanings.

If anyone can find a single Arab editorial that considers Samir Kuntar to be anything less than a hero, in any language, please let me know. Because I have not yet found it.

Samir Kuntar Y’Mach Schmo…

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  1. What a day yesterday was. Nice approach to covering this. It was hard to know how to feel, though I still feel disbelief and shock over the release of Kuntar.

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