Bernhard Goetz in the Holy Land: Settler Kills Bulldozer Terrorist


Well, not really. But Sultan Knish and Shawarma Mayor report on another bulldozer terrorist attack in Jerusalem. The driver, related to a high-level Hamas official, rammed cars and a bus, injuring four. He was not stopped by the police but by an armed settler. As in the previous attack, the driver was a Palestinian from east Jerusalem with an Israeli residence permit.

Here is the Mayor:

If you are not bothered by the wild west atmosphere in Jerusalem you should be. Don’t misunderstand me – I do not blame the citizens who stopped the horror on today’s tractor mass murder attempt nor the last one. I do remember how the Israeli left was all up in arms when security officials murdered the 300 bus line terrorists in the 80-s. How the self-righteous have gone so silent.

I have a feeling that this situation resembles a westerner more than a modern society governed by laws. This is what happens when law enforcement, security agencies and the judicial systems fail to act in the face of the mounting surge of Arab murderous violence. This is what happens when citizens view terrorists who have murdered and will murder again go free in exchange for bodies.

It is sickening to listen to political jabber with no teeth. How about instead of “threatening to level homes” of dead terrorists – you do something. How about instead of threatening to stop paying salaries to escaped former MP spy Bishara – you do something. How about instead of warning of the strengthening terror regime in Gaza and the serious danger posing the communities around Gaza – you do something?

The result of inaction is vigilant action.

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The Sultan adds:

The man who took him down before he managed to kill anyone was once again a settler. Yaki Asael, 58, farmer, resident of Susia, father of 8, Tank Reserve, former company commander, Veteran of several wars, owns a vineyard, teaches Torah at Yeshiva Kiryat Arba.

The media and the authorities will once again try to ignore who really took down the terrorist and attempt to give credit to the border policeman, just as they did each time. But as in the previous bulldozer attack where an off-duty soldier who had been arrested for protesting Disengagement took down the terrorist, it was a “politically incorrect” and a wholly Zionist figure who in his life embodies the Jewish and Israel ideal, right down to the vineyard.

Asael represents the embodiment of everything that the far left is trying to tear down in Israel, while the Arab attacker represents everything they are trying to promote. Today’s attack is another painfully literal demonstration that it is only the “politically incorrect”, the so-called radical extremists, the settlers and religious Zionists, who stand between the state and its destruction.

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As previously noted, when the state abdicates its proper role and does not provide an adequate system of criminal justice and security, the political and moral obligations to defer to the state are no longer operative.

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