Back from Vacation


I’m finally back in town after a needed break from life in NYC. I was in Southern California (Del Mar, Encinitas/Leucadia and Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley) enjoying all SoCal life has offer, or at least a lot of great time at the beach, plenty of Mexican food and some delicious bbq at a friend’s place.

My wife and I visited Torrey Pines State Reserve which is south of Del Mar (San Diego County), Leucadia which is north of Del Mar and Newport Beach in Orange County (pic of Torrey Pines below).

Encinitas/Leucadia has some great Mexican places ranging from taco shacks to more elaborate fare. We had fish tacos at Bety’s which were excellent (pic below).

Karina’s Mexican Seafood had some of the best ceviche I have eaten in a long time as well as an excellent coctel de camaron (pics of both below. The McDonalds cup was left by previous patrons. I always order a Mexican Coke in a bottle because they still make it with actual cane sugar, not that high-fructose corn syrup garbage).

You can read about both places on Chowhound.

We also went to Artesia (Little India) for some South Indian food at Udupi Palace. My wife was able to satisfy her paper masala dosa fix and I had the somosa chat and pav bhaaji. All of the food was excellent, plenty of spice without blowing your mouth (and rear) out.

Lastly, I need to mention Casa Alvarez and Colima Burger. The former serves the sort of Mexican food which was common in SoCal before the proliferation of taquerias and taco trucks serving more authentic Mexican fare. I had three shredded beef tacos with guacamole ala carte and ate them way too fast. They were that good. Colima Burger was my brother-in-law’s high school hangout. He always orders the chili cheese fries with grilled onions. A bit much for me but the burgers and regular fries were on point. I have a soft spot for greasy spoons.

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  1. I quite like Mexican food. I can make not so bad vegetarian chilli.

    Did you mention some recipes somewhere? Would love to try one, as long as it does not have shrimps in it. We do not keep strictly kosher but pork and sea food are off the page for us.

    Sounds like you had fun.
    We did not have any vacations.
    We had renovations.

    And yes, I’m whining now.

  2. Welcome back TNC.

    You are killing me with your pictures of Mexican food! It has been more than a year since I have had any, and after being raised on the stuff, its absence from my diet is starting to make me delirious.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Noga and Roland. It’s good to be back.

    Noga, I don’t do pork either. But I have a soft spot for crustaceans. Especially King Crab and Maine Lobster. Any lobster really.

    I posted a recipe for fish ceviche for you. It’s actually quite easy to make and delicious if I do say so myself.

    Roland, sorry for making the absence of Mexican food worse for you by posting the pics. But I know the kimchi, bibimbap and bbq must be slammin’ where you are at. And I saw the pics of those crabs you posted a while back. Yum!

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