Catching Up


Trying to catch up with what I have been missing at all my usual haunts:

Airforce Amazons: Heart of Darkness: The Core and the Gap. Part I, II, III.

Bob from Brockley: Re: Jena “I didn’t realize David Duke was a KKK scumbag” Delich here, here and here. My choice of words. Bob would never stoop to the use of the word scumbag. He has too much class for that.

But I am a Liberal! Palin, Obama Activists and the Working Class

Contentious Centrist: Obama’s Self-Nullifying Supporters

Democratiya: New Issue here.

Don’t Trip Up: Science (plus everything) lessons

Elder of Ziyon: International Solidarity Movement Loves the Muslim Brotherhood

Greater Surbiton: A Russian War Against Israel?

Martin in the Margins:LRBias (on the anti-American, anti-Israel, London Review of Books)

Modernity Blog: Everyone should thank Modernity for the excellent posts on the outage of Harry’s Place.

NeoConstant: Jury of Our Peers?

Snoopy (Simply Jews): Having Sex in Dubai – How not to

Stark Tenet: The Case for Sarah Palin

Sultan Knish: The Media Goes Full Liberal, The Double Standard on John Edwards and Bristol Palin

Z-Word: Antisemitism and More, The Democratiya Debate

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