Waiting in Line to Vote


As I waited in line to vote I had a strange sense of déjà vu. I had never been to the polling place before but I was reminded of the first time I voted in a presidential election. I was living in San Francisco’s Lower Haight St. neighborhood. I knew my district was solidly Democrat and would overwhelmingly vote for Clinton so I voted for Ron Daniels (Peace and Freedom Party) as a protest. Back then I leaned far to the left and saw little difference between the two major parties.

Today my opinions on the two parties have changed but as I looked around at the faces of my neighbors I felt the same feeling I had in San Francisco. There is no way a non-Democrat will win an election in this district. This is solid Obama territory. Some people discussed voting for Nader or McKinney, I voted for McCain. When you live in Park Slope, voting for McCain is the ultimate protest vote.


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