Busy Times



[Busy squirrel, gathering and eating nuts in the early evening]

The past few weeks have been very busy at work and home. My wife and I recently found out she is pregnant. She is dealing with morning sickness and I am attempting to take care of the cooking, cleaning the kitchen, etc. Going to the first ultrasound appointment and seeing the embryo (and hearing the heartbeat) was very exciting.

Since I don’t have the time to write, here is roundup from various blogs:

Bob from Brockley links to an excellent resource on Hungary ’56

Contentious Centrist continues coverage of the Kundera kerfuffle.

Flesh is Grass (recently added to my blogroll) on settler violence.

Check out these posts by David T (Anti-Muslim Bigotry) and Mikey (On Islamic Antisemitism) at Harry’s Place

A Secondhand Conjecture says don’t blame the social conservatives.

Zionation calls for “Punishment for self hating anti-Jewish traitors“.

Posts on Kristallnacht at Engage, Normblog, Flesh is Grass and this from The History Blog:

Israeli researchers have found a unique trove of artifacts from Kristallnacht, the 1938 Nazi riot of anti-semitic violence which resulted in massive destruction of Jewish-owned property and 30,000 men sent to concentration camps.

Despite the importance of the event, very few artifacts have ever surfaced. There are plenty of descriptions from witnesses, some pictures, a movie or two, but almost no material remains.

That’s because the Nazis piled the loot in trains and sent it to Klandorf. The locals knew about it, but no historians or researchers did until a fortuitous forest encounter…


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  1. I loved that first hearing the heartbeat moment. I feel I should already know this (should I?), but is this bamino no.1? As Lou Reed would say, it’s the begininning of a great adventure


  2. “My wife and I recently found out she is pregnant. ”

    This sounds like you were caught by surprise, NC. My second child was like that. I was so astonished to find I was pregnant you would think I didn’t know how babies were made.

    Let’s hope you wife gets over the morning sickness soon. Mazal tov! Nothing more audaciously hopeful and a sure harbinger for change than a new baby. All the cliches about it are true.

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