Professor Denied Tenure Due to International Zionist Conspiracy


Another professor has been denied tenure due to the power and influence of the International Zionist Conspiracy, this time at Ithaca College:

Margo Ramlal-Nankoe, a member of the sociology department for the past 11 years, said she has more than met the standards for tenure but has been denied twice — once in 2005 and again in 2007.

Ramlal-Nankoe said she was denied tenure not based on her teaching, service or scholarship, the three areas considered by tenure review boards, but her politics, which she says other faculty members and administrators called anti-Israel.

The Board of Trustees says this claim “is unsubstantiated and at best serves only as a smokescreen for the less than excellent performance by Dr. Ramlal-Nankoe in the areas used as an assessment for the granting of tenure at Ithaca College.”

Ramlal-Nankoe said her work on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a direct link to her being denied tenure.

“For me it is so clear it is about the politics of my work,” she said. “(The dean) would go out of his way to cut or reject funding for our activities,” especially for the student organization Students for a Just Peace*.

Ramlal-Nankoe has filed a discrimination complaint against the college and has hired Norman Finkelstein’s lawyer to prove her case. You know how Fink’s case went.

*I can imagine what sorts of events “Students for a Just Peace” organizes. Israel = bad, Palestinians = good, Hamas is a social justice organization, etc. etc. etc. You know the deal.

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  1. A few softheads will surely believe this line of bullshit, but if for some reason the school’s administration backs off and gives this moron tenure, what’s going to stop every up and coming academic from joining a group “criticizing” Israel, and then using their association to bully their way into positions they didn’t earn or deserve?

    Who knew all it took to get what you wanted at the university was the blame the Jews?

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