Weekend Reading, Weekend Grading


I’m spending the weekend grading exams and would rather be having a drink with these guys. The man with the mustache in the light colored suit is Mel Blank.

Here is a roundup of my regular reads:

Airforce Amazons: Springtime for Islamists

Contentious Centrist: More on the Kundera Affair

Roland Dodds (But I am a Liberal!): Obama the Hawk?

Elder of Ziyon: Islamist Strategy vs. Western Tactics and More Proof of that Hindu Zionist Conspiracy

Flesh is Grass: I Finally Learn Something from PACBI

E.D. Kain (Indiepundit and NeoConstant): Limited Government vs. Privatization (on public education and vouchers)

Martin in the Margins: Gramsci, secret Catholic Humanist?

Modernity on Politicos and the Web

A Second Hand Conjecture realizes Andrew Sullivan has completely lost it

Welcome back Snoopy! (Simply Jews)

The Stark Tenet assesses Obama’s National Security Team

Sultan Knish: Barak’s Assault on Beit Hashalom House and In Pictures, Kadima’s War Against Zionism

Zombietime (Zomblog) on the mysterious death of Dan Kliman, a Zionist activist who was found at the bottom of an elevator shaft in San Francisco.

Zword on Antisemitic Caricatures


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