More Weekend Reading: New Democratiya (15/Winter 2008)


[Just a few selections. Check it all out here.]

Terry Glavin: Afghanistan: A Choice of Comrades

Irfan Khawaja: Rethinking Afghanistan: Reading Sarah Chayes

Progress: Progressive Multilateralism White Paper

Maajid Nawaz: Countering Violent Islamist Extremism

Maryam Namazie et al.: One Law for All: The Campaign against Sharia

Fred Siegel: On Bernard-Henri Lévy on the ‘Right-Wing Left’

Gabriel Noah Brahm: The Concept of the ‘Post-Left’: a Defense

Lyn Julius: On Weinstock on Dhimmitude and the Jews

Inna Tysoe: Inside the ‘Israel Lobby’

Sidney Hook: Archive: Heresy, Yes – But Conspiracy, No


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