More on Operation Cast Lead


Round up from around the web:

Ben Cohen (ZWord): Gaza and ANSWER

Contentious Centrist: Loads of posts here, here, here and here.

Elder of Ziyon: Protests don’t reflect reality and Why would Israel bomb a university? Here’s Why!

Terry Glavin: The Debasement of Language: “Israeli Genocide”

Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic): A Fatah Friend Writes: I’m Supporting the Israeli Air Force

Yossi Klein Halevi (TNR): Why Gaza Matters

Eric Lee (Labourstart): The Left, Israel and “Holocaust” in Gaza

Noah Pollak (Contentions): The Cycle of Cease-Fires

Michael Totten: What Would a Proportionate Response Look Like?

Random Thoughts: Gaza Round Up 3.5

Sultan Knish: The Gaza Picture Show and The Terrorists are Always the Victim

Much more at ZWord.

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