Housecleaning, it has to be done. I noticed a few inactive and/or dead links on my blogroll so I removed them. I also deleted some links that I felt were unnecessary like the NYT. Paul Anderson (Gauche) stopped blogging on Jan. 9 but I decided to leave the link up, at least for a little while.

For some reason (laziness?) I stopped categorizing my posts back in May of 2008. The new version of WordPress has a “quick edit” option that allowed me to categorize the posts with very little effort. Neat.

I added a new header to replace the image of the NYC skyline which has been at the top of this blog for far too long. I found the picture on Flickr and hope to have a more interesting image up soon. Every time I take my camera out with me I never manage to capture something that works good as a header. I thought a picture of the trees in the snow would be nice but when the image is cropped it looks like an expanse of white and gray…

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