The Nation on Gaza


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I don’t read The Nation that much these days. What’s the point? The authors always provide a standard lefty perspective that is predictable to the point of boredom. But a good friend of my wife stops by on occasion to chat and she always drops off her old copies of the magazine (as well as the New Yorker, another magazine I find grating).

So, while I was in the restroom this morning, I happened upon The Nation’s Gaza extravaganza and there was plenty to get my bowels moving. First up was an editorial claiming:

Israel’s invasion of Gaza has dramatically worsened a grave humanitarian crisis and will benefit only those who always benefit from war. There is no military solution to what is fundamentally a political conflict.

My reply is, tell that to Hamas.They don’t seem to agree with you, Nation editors. Instead, the organization is ideologically dedicated to Israel’s destruction and the murder of Jews.¬† Why do these authors feel the need to project their own politics onto Hamas? Why don’t they take the time to understand Hamas in their own words?

Next was Alexander Cockburn’s “Beat the Devil” column. Cockburn is a knee-jerk anti-Zionist and his hatred of Jews has been well documented. One sentence of his article was especially relavent:

[I]f the elites are as solidly a part of the amen chorus as they have been down the decades, once you leave the corporate and political highways and get on the side roads of the Internet, the picture is changing.

Yes, on the cesspools of the Internet like Cockburn’s Counterpunch the picture is not so much changing as it is getting more shrill regarding the so-called “Holocaust” and “genocide” in Gaza.

By the time I got to Naomi Klein’s “Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction” (BDS for short) I got the picture loud and clear. Like most of the loony left, the pundits at The Nation place an extremely negative emphasis on Israel while denying the war crimes and other human rights violations of Hamas. Hamas is rarely, if ever, mentioned in any of these pieces. Instead, we have a narrative where Israel (and the United States) are to blame for all of Gaza’s ills, rather that the genocidal, totalitarian, and theocratic motivations of Israel’s enemies.

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  1. “Like most of the loony left, the pundits at The Nation place an extremely negative emphasis on Israel while denying the war crimes and other human rights violations of Hamas. ”

    It’s hard to see how these “critics” of Israel can be absolved of the taint of antisemitism. The emergent chrystalisation of their political ideology can no longer be obfuscated by all sorts of righteous expostulations. Their problem is not with Israel’s policies. Their problem is with Israel’s BEING.

    As long as they cannot explain why they focus on Israel, why they ignore Hamas’s monstrosities, why they don’t care about the Islamic dictatorship in Sudan, the raped and mutilated women of the Congo, the disfigured and murdered women and girls of Afghnistan, they have forfeited any pretension to any moral authority whatsoever. Like bona-fide antisemites, they are determined to impose their terms upon the conversation about Israel. And it is absolutely essential to thwart this nefarious thinking.

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