Presidents’ Day Weekend Gluttony and Blog Miscellany



[Prime rib, an American favorite]

My brother-in-law was in town for a few days while my wife and I were in Puerto Rico. He was taking care of our dog and looking after the apartment. He was also here to celebrate passing the exam to get his architecture license (congrats, bro!) and had a good time doing NY stuff like seeing a play, visiting museums and having dinner at some nice restaurants.

We took him to Ennio and Michael which is a nice Italian spot in the Village. It seems like we end up eating there at least once when guests come to visit. The service is good without being pretentious and the food is consistently on point. The rack of lamb is delectable. It is supposedly a “special” but it has been on the specials menu for at least seven years. I order it every time.


[Bull Moose Room at Keens Chophouse]

The standout was Keens Chophouse near Harold Square. It is definitely out of my budget but a great place for a celebratory dinner. We ate upstairs in the “Bull Moose Room” away from the noise of the larger dining room and the bar. Brother-in-law (call him Bil) and I started with a dozen oysters on the half-shell. Wife had the crab cakes. The oysters were a mix of east and west coasters, from small Kumamotos to larger blue points. All were pristine and clean without a hint of grit. The crab cakes were a bit on the small side, but they were deliciously sweet and contained very little bread crumb, egg or other ingredients binding the crab together.

For the entree, my wife had the Dover Sole. Bil and I shared a “king’s cut” of prime rib (medium rare) and a lobster. When they brought out the prime rib we were shocked by the size of the chop. We each had a hunk of prime rib on our plate that looked close to three or four inches thick, red in the center and delicious. The Dover Sole was filleted and the lobster was cracked and divided at table-side.  Nice and buttery. The only item which was not excellent was the creamed spinach. Nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t measure up to the greatness of everything else on the table.

I was totally stuffed after all that food but Bil insisted on ordering the hot fudge sunday and an Armagnac for the two of us. You could have rolled all three of us home at that point.

It is a holiday weekend in the U.S. (Monday off for Presidents’ Day) and I thought it would be appropriate to bbq. I barbecued a chicken for us meat eaters and a veggie burger for my wife. She made some potato salad which is always excellent. We also had a green salad.

Needless to say, with all this gluttony and carousing I have not had much time to blog. My drafts are piling up. The UK has banned Dutch MP Geert Wilders from entry*, anti-Semitism is on the rise in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, and I still haven’t finished my post on the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

In the meantime here are (more than) a few selections from around the Web:

Airforce Amazons: Iraq parallax

Bob from Brockley: A Bundist comments on history as it is being made (interesting comment thread)

But I am a Liberal! On Iraqi elections

Contentious Centrist: Blocking the hole in the wall

Don’t Trip Up: Let Everyone Speak (on Geert Wilders)

Elder of Ziyon: AP wakes up about Hamas murder spree (better late than never)

Engage Forum: Nick Cohen and John Mann on Anti-Semitism (on the left)

Long War Journal: Pakistan concedes Mumbai attack executed from its soil

Martin in the Margins: Blaming the messenger? (More on Mr. Wilders)

Modernity Blog: On Saudi Trade Unions (a commendable effort)

Small Wars Journal: Postcard from Mumbai

A Secondhand Conjecture: Abrogation of the Soul (On Chavez and the US State Department)

Simply Jews: The toxic forces or what is happening to the Israeli left

Sultan Knish: One Man with Courage Makes a Majority (The Sultan provides an idealist perspective on collective action)

Michael Totten: A dispatch from the border with Gaza (long, but worth the time)

Gil Troy: Is Obamania Stopping Us from Questioning Obama’s Competence?

Your Friend in the North: Piss off, Blondie (Still more on Mr. Wilders)

ZWord: Can Fatah Retake Gaza?

I added the Jawa Report and Zionist Conspiracy to my blogroll. Not sure why I lagged on that for so long.

*Why has the UK banned Mr. Wilders while the speech of those who threaten UK citizens with violence is protected?


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