This has been a good week. My hit meter has recorded over 100,000 hits since I started blogging in June of 2007 and I broke my record for the highest number of hits in a day. The previous record was set by this post on Ron Paul and the Paulistas (Remember him? It seems like it was only yesterday.). I am approaching 10,000 hits per month which is far cry from the few hundred I was receiving when I started. So this is a note of thanks to my regular and new readers and especially to those who post comments (you know who you are).

A big congratulations to Simply Jews for reaching 500,000 visitors on Sitemeter. As Snoopy mentions, a lot of blogs get more hits in a day, “but for a microblog it’s a milestone.” While it is a far cry from 500,000, I feel the same way about my 100,000 hits.


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  1. Congrats TNC, and keep up the good work. Your site is one I check frequently.

    I wish I had put one of these counters in that tracks total hits on my site long ago. It would be interesting to see where I am at with overall traffic.

  2. Happy 100G, NC, your blog is always thoughtful, well-researched, mild-toned and reliable. I like it that you avoid the smart-aleckey sarcasm which so many other bloggers fall prey to. With you it is always substance and elegant writing.

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