Winter Music


None of the tunes below has anything specifically to due with the season other than placing me in a winter state of mind. I have been visiting a lot of music blogs in my never ending search for albums lost, sold, and stolen. Some of my favorite for jazz include Orgy in Rhythm, My Jazz World, and Never Enough Rhodes. For the heavier stuff I like True Punk and MetalGood Bad Music and Cosmic Hearse.

Cymande, “Dove”, Caribbean funk by way of the UK (1972).

Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson “Song for Bobby Smith” from the album Winter in America (1973). Follow the link and click “play” on song number six. I would post a video but I cannot locate one for this song. Strange.


JFA’s “The Day Walt Disney Died” from their Untitled LP (1984) should be here.


“Cirith Ungol” from Cirith Ungol’s King of the Dead album (1984). Very heavy metal from from Ventura, California.

Mr. Bungle “Desert Search for Techno Allah” Live in SF, 1995. I’ve seen a lot of Bungle shows but I am still kicking myself in the rear for not making it to this one. Hang on for the ride.

Ulrich Schnauss “Monday Paracetamol” from A Strangely Isolated Place (2003).


Why winter music this late in the season? Isn’t it almost spring? As of Monday it seemed like winter was here to stay. We had a pretty big snow storm. First NYC snow day in years.

I flew back from Los Angeles on Monday morning and by the time we arrived at JFK they only had one runway letting planes take off and one runway allowing planes to land. We circled the airport for about a half an hour at which point the pilot got on the intercom and said “we should be landing in about fifteen to twenty minutes if they get things cleaned up. If not, we will be diverted to Tarrytown, PA because we are running low on fuel.”

We landed at JFK without incident but it was a little hectic for a minute there.


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  1. Roland, I can’t believe you used to listen to Cirith. Those dudes were local legends. I’m not from Ventura but they were huge in Goleta/SB.

    Mira, glad you enjoyed the JFA. Was this the first time hearing them? They have a lot of other material. If you liked this you will likely enjoy the other stuff. JFA were so punk rock. The name alone…


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