Cat Shit One: The Animated Series



Cat Shit One: The Animated Series by Studio Anima. I usually dislike computer-generated imagery but this actually looks good.


The original Cat Shit One (aka Apocalypse Meow) was a 1990s manga series by Motofumi Kobayashi about the activities of a U.S. Special-Operations team in Vietnam. Kobayashi replaced humans with anthropomorphized animals–Americans as bunnies, Vietnamese as cats, French as pigs, and so forth–but this was no lighthearted treatment of the war. It was brutal. If you are thinking, “wtf, animals?” Think Watership Down meets Maus or something along those lines (more info here).

The Animated Series moves forward in time and takes the bunnies to the Middle East. Can’t wait to check it out. Here is a video teaser:

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