Best April Fools’ Day Post: Geert Wilders to Show Fitna in Jordan


I rather enjoyed this one from Beer n’ Sandwiches:

Geert Wilders to Show Fitna in Jordan

Geert Wilders has travelled to Jordan on the next leg of his Fitna World Tour. His day will start at the Royal Palace where he will be giving a special screening of his short film Fitna to His Majesty King Abdullah II. He will then give a speech about his film in Amman’s newly completed ‘Freedom Square’. Unfortunately he will not have the opportunity to pray, as originally planned, at the famous Abu Darweesh Mosque which is closed for renovations.

The visit to Jordan took place despite him being prevented from entering the United Kingdom recently. It appears that the Hashemite Kingdom does not share the British Government’s hostility to Mr Wilders. A spokesman for King Abdulla said ‘Mr Wilders is a great man whose commitment to freedom of speech is a shining example to the people of Jordan’. As he arrived at the airport he was greeted by thousands of well wishers who shouted ‘don’t let the British Government get you down Geert!’, and ‘freedom of speech is still alive in Jordan, you’re welcome here any time!’

[read it all here]


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