Rabbi Andy Bachman’s Pesach Thoughts



[Seder plate image swiped from Flickr]

This is from Rabbi Andy Bachman’s blog:

The hungry remain in the land; millions remain in chains; those in pain, requiring comfort, should top all our lists.

The rabbis in their wisdom associated leaven with the ego and understood the Festival of Passover to be a fast from the ego, from the self, from the inflated sense of importance we derive from being on someone’s list, from seeing one’s name in lights, or from the comfortable validation of a warm computer screen or buzzing television through which one falsely finds warmth.

Hope you had an nice Seder with your family and friends.

Next year in Yerushalayim!


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  1. I found the seder plate picture you offer to head your article when I googled “Picture of Seder Plate.” As a zooarchaeologist long experienced in examining animal bone fragments recovered from sites in Israel, I was not surprised to see that the bone on the illustrated plate is from a sheep (rather than a goat or other small bovid — there are morphological diagnostics that are visible in the pic) BUT was surprised that the bone is a FEMUR. I can only assume that the bone in question came from Israel, where porging is acceptable, but even then a THIGH bone is hardly the same as a SHANK. Hmm, probably the assembler of the plate was aiming for artistic excellence rather than zoological accuracy. regards

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