Done for the Semester


I am officially done teaching for the semester. All that is left is grading and I should be able to finish that by Sunday.

The main event occupying my brain space is the rapidly approaching due date of our baby. My wife and I have been frantically trying to clean and make space for all the new things a baby brings, like a crib, a stroller, all that stuff. Since we only have a little more than two weeks until the baby arrives, I will likely not be spending much time blogging. I imagine even less so the first two weeks.

Here are two items I intended to write longer posts about but have not found the time:

It looks like a couple more animal activist nutjobs activists were picked up by the state apparatus, this time in Southern California. Kevin Olliff (22) and Lindy Greene (61) were arrested and charged with stalking and conspiracy to commit the crime of threatening a public officer or school employee. The indictment claims both were members of the Animal Liberation Front whon targetted employees of the University of California, Los Angeles and POM Juice Company.

Sociologist William Robinson at the University of California, Santa Barbara is coming under fire for an email he sent to his students which compared the recent IDF operations in Gaza to the Nazi’s in WWII. Back in my rad lefty days I used to be really into Robinson’s work but it shouldn’t surprise me he is part of the hate Israel contingent. Bluetruth has more info. So does Ron Radosh (h/t to Bob and Jogo).

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